Step 1 – Prep

Preparation for work begins with protecting the work area.  Siding, windows and doors are masked off. Tarps are used when needed to protect area greenery.

Step 2 – Clean

In order for our process to work effectively, we must remove all dirt, debris, mold, and mildew from the surface. If the wood has been previously treated, we also remove any stain or sealant from the wood to allow our product to penetrate.

The entire work area is sprayed with a foam based cleaning agent that loosens stains and finishes while safely removing dirt and debris from the surface.

Our orbital power washer is designed to clean horizontal surfaces evenly and efficiently, without leaving damaging knife marks caused by traditional power washing techniques. Rails and spindles, steps, and exposed vertical posts are all cleaned thoroughly.

Our trailers are specifically designed for this type of work. 300’ hoses allow us to leave the trailer in the driveway or on the street, diesel burners allow us to use hot water when necessary.  These custom built trailers demonstrate our commitment to being the best in our industry.

Step 3 – Seal

After the deck is cleaned and rinsed, we apply the SealMaxx sealant. Our sealants are applied when the wood is still saturated with water. The moisture in the wood helps to pull our sealants down into the fibers of the boards, filling the voids of the wood and creating an internal seal, protecting the wood against future water damage, rot and decay.

Step 4 – Color

The final step in our process is the application of our long-lasting color finish. 

The color finish can be easily replenished in the future. We recommend calling us to schedule your color maintenance every three or four years. It’s a low cost service that our clients have been very pleased with.

I love the color of my deck. Instead of thinking about the maintenance required every time I sit on my deck, now I can sip my wine and enjoy it!