Customer Testimonials

SealMaxx treated my driveway about 2 years ago. The rain had been causing my drive to deteriorate, and the aggregate was starting to become exposed. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was going to be forced to replace the driveway. The SealMaxx guys came out, and in one day cleaned and sealed the concrete. Ever since then, the driveway has not worn away one bit. SealMaxx has no doubt saved me a fortune I would have had to spend on removing and having a new driveway poured.
— Scott M.

We have a wooden deck which we had neglected for some time, and contacted SealMaxx to treat it for us. They pressure washed, sealed, and stained the deck. It has never looked better! We are confident this will drastically reduce the amount of maintenance we have to worry about in the future.
— Kristian L.

My boat dock was really beginning to look rough, and needed some work. I called David at SealMaxx and he was out the next day to evaluate the problem. They cleaned and sealed the dock almost two years ago, and it has not had any need to do anything since. Their 25 year guarantee is by far the best I was able to find in the business.
— Ayal L.

I was very pleased with my experience with SealMaxx. The whole process was handled very professionally and timely. Once the project was complete, my deck looked like new again! That has been about 3 years ago now, and the only thing I have done is pressure wash it once to maintain the pretty color.
— Michael J.

SealMaxx restored my 19 year old deck, which was grey and ugly, and made it look new again. It is great to know I will never have to worry about sealing it again, as I have done that in the past, and it can get expensive. I looked at other companies, but everyone else just bought some sealant at a hardware store and put it on for you. SealMaxx’s 25 year guarantee is well worth the little bit of extra money up front. SealMaxx was a great solution for me, as it would be for anyone with a wooden deck.
— Chris H.