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More than just a coating, SealMaxx concrete sealant chemically reacts to concrete surfaces and develops an internal layer of protection. This new material that is created is neither a concrete material nor a sealant, but it has the best properties of both.

Our concrete sealant protects against such abrasives as acids, salts, and oils while providing permanent protection against pitting, corrosion, and deterioration. It also helps prevent water leakage, deterioration, and staining. And it increases concrete strength up to 23%.

Protect and Beautify

You can protect and beautiful your concrete floors, basements, and driveways with the SealMaxx solution:

  • Eliminates water leakage
  • Reduces sweating
  • Prevents dusting, pitting, and scaling due to salt
  • Guards against stains (including oil)
  • Increases concrete strength up to 23%
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Seals, weatherproofs, hardens, and preserves most concrete surfaces
  • Penetrates 0.5 to 1.5 inches deep in the concreate and forms an internal seal and water barrier
  • Holds a hydrostatic head which significantly reduces dampness, mold, rutting, and dusting
  • Protects steel within the concrete from corrosion
  • Uniformly cures, improves resistance to spot drying and hair checking
  • Provides a prepared surface for better bonding of concrete toppings, adhesives, and paints
  • Requires just a one-time application
  • Can be applied from the inside of a structure
  • Extends the life of paint, concrete toppings, and adhesives
  • Slows oils, grease, acids, and salts from penetrating and breaking down the concrete
  • Densifies and hardens concrete permanently
  • Reduces breeding environment for harmful bacteria
  • Reduces disagreeable odors
  • Provides a nonslip surface
  • Will not alter color, texture, or any other physical characteristic of the concrete surface
  • Leaves a natural finish without a film or membrane
  • May be applied as soon as forms are removed from new concrete

When and Where to Use

Our concrete sealant offers many solutions, which makes it the perfect solution if you are dealing with any of the following problems:

  • Seepage
  • High chloride areas (salt)
  • Deteriorating concrete
  • Environments with hydraulic fluids and oils
  • New concrete (to preserve and prevent problems)
  • Hardening
  • Sweating
  • Bacteria/odor
  • Dusting
  • Freeze/thaw conditions
  • Curing
  • Sour gas or H2S04 (sulfuric acid)

Case Study

SealMaxx made 85-year-old concrete over 250% stronger. Imagine what it can do for your driveway!
In 1992, a professional, independent materials testing lab in Pittsburgh received some concrete samples that were taken from 85-year-old St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Key West, FL. The concrete had been exposed to over eight decades of salt air.

Samples of the concrete were treated with SealMaxx’s concrete sealant, while the same number of samples were left untreated. Then both sets of samples were subjected to compressive tests to find out how much pressure it would take to break them. The lab results might surprise you:

  • Untreated concrete broke at an average of 750 psi
  • Treated concrete with SealMaxx broke at an average of 1980 psi
  • This shows an increase in average strength of 258%

But the folks at the lab weren’t done. They then subjected concrete rectangles, both untreated and treated, to 300 complete freeze-and-thaw cycles. Their report concluded that the treated concrete saw no effects while the untreated concrete resulted in complete deterioration.

It’s no wonder that we’re comfortable guaranteeing SealMaxx for 25 years!

Remember, SealMaxx closes off the natural capillaries of concrete and won’t allow salt (or other abrasives) to penetrate the surface. So you can be sure you won’t see the spalling, cracking, and chipping that typically mark the arrival of spring.

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